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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the SEWA research website featuring a comprehensive selection of SEWA researches in the areas of women, women at work,women's development and much more. Whatever your area of interest, we hope you will find a wide variety of material providing relevant research findings or practical solutions.

We are pleased to inform you that some of the researches are now available for downloading i.e. you can read them online. You can also request hard copy of those that are not available online, please send an email to mail@sewaresearch.org requesting for hardcopy. We will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Papers are also provided online, just click on Papers to see and download papers on wide variety of subjects.

As always we are proud to provide first-class service and aim to make surfing as easy as possible. We are working on making our site e-com enabled so that you can buy our researches, papers and videos online via credit card.

Thank you for your interest in SEWA researches.

Yours sincerely,
SEWA Academy Research Team
SEWA Academy
Ahmedabad, India.


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