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SEWA Research has worked with a variety of partners – government departments at the state as well as the central level, educational institutions like the agricultural universities and management institutes, research bodies like NCAER and GIDR, sister organizations like FWWB and international organizations like IRC, ILO and in each case, SEWA has been an equal partner, contributing towards formulating the basic research questions and conducting the fieldwork on these studies. All the research partnerships that SEWA has entered into have been for pro-active research which have used the grass root experience to conceptualise and analyse development issues and develop its policy implications.

As SEWA’s national and international profile and interest in its approach is increasing, it has begun to receive many more requests to participate in projects led by outside researchers than it can fulfil. Needless to say, SEWA staff carefully evaluates these studies in terms of its potential to directly benefit SEWA’ programs and support action just as they do with internal research proposals.


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